Extension Source Downloader

If you want to know what’s really inside of an extension, you can download the source code for chrome extensions via toolbar popup in .zip or .crx formats with the following extension Extension Source Downloader from mybrowseraddon.com

VPNs, Proxies und Datenschutz

Original: VPNs, proxies and privacy. (translation draft) In unserer Serie über Datenschutz und Sicherheit befassen wir uns mit echten VPNs, sicheren und anonymisierenden Web-Proxies, Browser-VPNs und erklären, worauf Sie bei einem VPN-Service achten müssen. TEAMBOLG BLOG Veröffentlicht am 17.04.2018 von Tarquin Wilton-Jones —- Cover […]

Followup on styling Vivaldi with CSS

Outdated. No longer needed! We have Themes now 🙂 Following up the post https://quhno.vivaldi.net/2015/07/02/some-quick-vivaldi-panels-css-hacks-for-better-readability-or-accessibility/ I’ve made some smallish changes that take care of some minor things I don’t like with the UI. They can be applied the same way as in the previous blog post. […]

Broken CSS? Lint it!

While looking for something completely different I stumbled upon CSS LINT. Quote: Will hurt your feelings* (And help you code better) http://csslint.net/ Not the usual beautifier but does what it says: It tells you what you can and should improve in a similar rigorous way […]