The odyssey of finding a certain video

This is only a short rant about the stupidity of a bunch of search engines that basically all use the same search database.

I knew that I had once seen a video of Brendan Eich (more than a year ago) that dealt with classes in JavaScript, especially ES6 and I wanted to watch it again because I had some hunch that in that video he addressed a problem I have right now.

(Sometimes my brain works in weird ways – I usually don’t remember the things I have watched a long time ago, only that I have and roughly about where I have seen them)

I don’t keep a ginormous history in Vivaldi because I have noticed that too many history results might lead to a slow down of the browser under certain circumstances and especially because all kinds of C**P are stored in the history (e.g. search engine result pages from yesterday – which will definitely not give the same results today), so I had to find that video again. I still knew that I didn’t watch it on YouTube, but somewhere else, so I started a search at the usual non-Google-ish search engines first.

A standard search “classes in javascript ES6” gave almost exclusively YT results (yes, I forgot to add “Brendan Eich” – didn’t remember who gave the talk, could have been Douglas Crockford too, so what?) so I looked up the parameters of my favorite search engines and tried to exclude YT from the results pages by adding some.
(Yes I know that it was still a very unrefined search – but hey – I’ve got results 😉 )

All links to the result pages open in a new tab.





And finally I added Google as a “control group”:

I leave the results open to interpretation by you, maybe you get different results, or maybe you can tell me what was wrong with my searches – but I found some search engines lacking.