Beware of the   Yes, it is an SVG image 😀   It seems that Firefox and Internet Explorer have a problem with raw SVG code as image source. I had to URL encode it (base64 would have worked too, but it is about […]

CSS beautifier

I confess that am a messy coder when it comes to formatting. I edit, insert and delete until the code runs like I want to. This often leads to perfectly readable code – for machines, but not for other humans – so if I […]

Fotoalben von my.opera nach übertragen

Sie können ihre Fotos recht einfach von Ihrem my.opera Album nach übertragen. Um ihre Fotos von my.opera  zu speichern, folgen sie diesen Schritten: 1. Loggen Sie sich in ein 2. Klicken sie auf “Dateien” (Files): 3. Klicken Sie die “Start” Schaltfläche unterhalb […]

WebP Photoshop plugin

I was looking for some time for a plug-in that would allow me to open, edit and save WebP files directly with Photoshop instead of converting them afterwards. Sadly Adobe did not a**e up to provide one, but luckily someone else managed to write […]