How to get the data of the SmartRSS Extension from Opera 15++ to Vivaldi

Open Vivaldi and Opera 15+


In Vivaldi:

  • go to 
  • click “Add to Opera” 
  • on the popup thingy click on “get it anyway”
  • save to a place where you can find it again. 
  • open vivaldi://plugins
  • drag and drop the extension file from your file manager to the vivaldi://plugins tab


In Opera 15+:

  • right click on the extension’s button
  • on the popup click “Options”
  • in the options tab click on one of the “Export” buttons. I personally prefer “smart” because I want the contents of the feeds too, otherwise OPML, which works for some other readers too  
  • click on the new link that shows after you pressed the export button
  • save it in a location where you can find it again

You can close Opera now.


In Vivaldi:

  • open the smart RSS tab by clicking on the extension’s icon
  • click on the wrench icon
  • in the popup click on “Options”
  • in the options tab click on appropriate the import button (depending to which format you exported)
  • select previously exported file
  • wait until the import is finished successfully (there is some status information showing next to the button)


After those steps all feeds should be imported to Vivaldi.