Followup on styling Vivaldi with CSS

Outdated. No longer needed! We have Themes now πŸ™‚ Following up the postΒ I’ve made some smallish changes that take care of some minor things I don’t like with the UI. They can be applied the same way as in the previous blog post. […]

Broken CSS? Lint it!

While looking for something completely different I stumbled upon CSS LINT. Quote: Will hurt your feelings* (And help you code better) Not the usual beautifier but does what it says: It tells you what you can and should improve in a similar rigorous way […]

CSS beautifier

I confess that am a messy coder when it comes to formatting. I edit, insert and delete until the code runs like I want to. This often leads to perfectly readable code – for machines, but not for other humans – so if I […]