WebP Photoshop plugin

I was looking for some time for a plug-in that would allow me to open, edit and save WebP files directly with Photoshop instead of converting them afterwards. Sadly Adobe did not a**e up to provide one, but luckily someone else managed to write […]

Only a test post, please ignore.

1st paragraph HERE GOES ALL OF THE OTHER CONTENT – aka the content you typed in the WYSIWYG editor – and it will inherit the style of the div 2nd paragraph This paragraph too will inherit the same odd styling like the previous paragraph […]

I can Save the Internet

According to this screen shot, a substantial part of the Internet should fit easily into my 2 Exabyte RAM … 😀  (Hint: “Dateigröße” is file size. No image manipulation apart from cropping the image.)

About my old blog pages

… no, apart from a few selected posts I will not import contents from my.opera – but they are not lost, I submitted them “for eternity” to the waybackmachine aka archive.org.   If you really think that I wrote something interesting in the past, […]

View out of my Window

This was the first view I saw when I looked out of the window this morning: The first snow. (OK, not really the first view – but it was still dark when I started my day, so I waited a bit)  I wonder why […]