Always ask for the download location (hack)

Deprecated – is now built in.

Several users, one of them me, prefer Vivaldi to ask for the download location for every download. Sadly unchecking the option Settings > Downloads: “always save to default download location” does not work for some types of downloads, especially downloads with generated files or downloads initiated with Javascript.

It is possible to do that with a little hack, but it comes with a caveat:

It breaks the “open” button behavior of the download dialog – so you have to open it manually after download.


Having said that, here it is:

  • look for the user profile directory of your Vivaldi in vivaldi://about  (V-Button > Help > About) and open that in your file manager.
  • close Vivaldi
  • open the file named preferences with a decent editor (You should backup that file before, just in case, you know …)
  • search for:
    (including the quotation marks etc.)
  • look for the } that follows immediately after that
  • before the } add the following:
    (including the comma and the quotation marks etc.)
  • Save the file.


Done. From now on Vivaldi should ask before every download – but be aware of the caveat!




2 replies on “Always ask for the download location (hack)”

  1. I have noticed the same…

    Many Thanks for the workaround !!!


  2. vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#ask%20where%20to%20save%20each%20file 😉

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