Followup on styling Vivaldi with CSS

Outdated. No longer needed! We have Themes now 🙂

Following up the post

I’ve made some smallish changes that take care of some minor things I don’t like with the UI. They can be applied the same way as in the previous blog post.

This time I move the notes editor scrollbar to the right, make the speed dial navigation a little bit less high so that it aligns with the header of the web-panels, moved the speed dial items a bit upwards and colored the panel scrollbars for the dark UI.

5 replies on “Followup on styling Vivaldi with CSS”

  1. This ******* blog system is a useless pile of ****
    The complete escaped CSS code that was included in the post was stripped.
    I want a simple text area where I can put in the raw stuff, not that fancy shmanzy overlay **** and a working SPAM filter, that does not kill off posts from people based on such **** factors like “has a dynamic IP”. I don’t get a static, i can’t help.
    This is really annoying and the only blogging platform I ever saw that does this ****. I am seriously ****ed off!

  2. One more try (since they don’t have a preview) … [code][/code]

    Or maybe embed backslashes?

  3. The code block shows up … but they still stripped the tag that was in it. The backslashes didn’t work.

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