About my old blog pages

… no, apart from a few selected posts I will not import contents from my.opera – but they are not lost, I submitted them “for eternity” to the waybackmachine aka archive.org.


If you really think that I wrote something interesting in the past, just look it up there: 




If you plan submitting your pages to the archive or even if you occasionally look things up at there, please think about a donation to archive.org. 

Neither web space nor traffic, nor hardware or staff come for free and  they are a non-profit organization. The service is great,  It saved my a**e several times in the past when I needed to look up long gone web page content containing valuable information.  I donated a small amount too to  keep some of their disks spinning for some more time, because I think that the service is important to preserve knowledge that could (and would) otherwise get lost.

Thank you 🙂