Beware of the


Yes, it is an SVG image 😀


It seems that Firefox and Internet Explorer have a problem with raw SVG code as image source. I had to URL encode it (base64 would have worked too, but it is about 30% bigger and gzips worse).

Dear Mozilla and Microsoft programmers:

It is legit and standard conform to use the raw stuff. “The Real Opera(TM)” (aka <14) can do that since version 7 (or may be even earlier), Chrome since about version 7 (that is several years later than Opera 7), and Vivaldi since the beginning too. Fix it!

4 replies on “Deadline”

  1. it is an SVG image….
    should it move? ? because with opera or Vivaldi and FF it doen’t move

  2. it is not an [i]animated[/i] SVG image – but you are right, moving would be fun 😀

    I need to wade through the spec again because I have completely forgot how to do that. I think I did my last SVG animation 3 or 4 years ago …

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