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I confess that am a messy coder when it comes to formatting. I edit, insert and delete until the code runs like I want to. This often leads to perfectly readable code – for machines, but not for other humans – so if I decide to publish it, I shouldn’t publish it in the same form I write it.


When I was editing my userCSS for vivaldi once again, I messed up the well formatted code the same way as usual. Of course I could have used an editor that formats on the fly, but I don’t like editors that change the formatting while I am coding, all that moving around makes me dizzy. While I was looking for a solution for that problem I found this:


CSS Beautifier – http://html.fwpolice.com/css/


Simple to use, you can even download it to run it offline in your browser, with a few clicks the code looks just fine and you can change the way it is formatted in a blink. Exactly the simple thing I wanted 😀


Helps with the usual one-line-we-save-every-bit code that is presented in some webpages too (Google, I am looking at you!)

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