Some useful JavaScript snippets or libraries found in the net

Image related

Find the most dominant color in an image
ColorFinder, License: WTFPL
Similar to above but a bit heavier
Color Thief, License: CC BY 2.5
EXIF and IPTC data viewer
exif-js, License: MIT


Debug inside of the Chromium dev tools console
deb.js, License: MIT
with mere 1,5kB (minified) probably one of the tiniest debuggers ever. Nice display but one little drawback, you have to control the source in order to use it

Before using any of these in an extension a test might be needed which has less impact on the system.

If you know other nice “one trick ponies” that do their job well without relying on other dependencies like jQuery, MooTools etc., feel free to leave a comment.


Find the differences between 2 JSON files
JSON Diff, License: CC BY-NC
Analyzes the JSON file and shows it as tree with the differences. The page can be easily modified to run purely local.

To be continued …

3 replies on “Some useful JavaScript snippets or libraries found in the net”

  1. How do you add libraries and how do you find out what’s in the library that you can use?

  2. Adding to what?
    To the list? Simply if I think it is interesting 😀
    To a webpage or an extension? I read the readMe that comes with any good library.

    How to find out what’s in?
    Sometimes they have a demo page like the color finder libraries which makes it easy to see if I would like to use them.
    If not, I have to look into the sourcecode or to build a test page of my own on my local web server …

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