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I was looking for some time for a plug-in that would allow me to open, edit and save WebP files directly with Photoshop instead of converting them afterwards. Sadly Adobe did not a**e up to provide one, but luckily someone else managed to write the necessary .8bi file. Here it is:


 (scroll down a bit for the ready made plug-in for PS Mac and Win)


The same author wrote another .8bi plug-in for PNG files, that, among some other goodies, allows to split the PNG Alpha channel to an alpha layer in the channel palette and produces astonishingly compact PNG files on save. Grab it here:



Sadly both plug-ins wont work with CS2 on my small computer – but they work just fine with CS5 on my big computer edit: The  plug-ins work just fine from CS2 to CS6 if put into the plug-ins/File Format folder (despite the WebP plug-in is labeled “Beta”).  

If you own another version of Photoshop and get it up and running:

Please drop a line in the comments.

Thank You!

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  1. Thank you for pointing us to this! I have missed a WebM plugin for a long time, and the WebP one is also nice to have. JPEG is old and rather obsolete these days, and with very limited support available for JPEG2000 it is good to finally have a useable alternative – especially a free one.

    The plugins work fine in CS6, both in Premiere Pro and in Photoshop. Unfortunately, Vivaldi will not let me upload an example 🙁 but that will surely be fixed soon(ish).

  2. Yes, I knew that too – and should have added it in the blog post for completeness, thanks for the reminder – but I needed one with transparency and especially the option to open the image file with transparency in its own layer.

  3. I just recognized few minutes ago, after testing, the WebP plugin works fine in Photoshop CS2. Hurray!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the link, dear QuHno. You ease designers life!

  4. The fnordware or the telegraphics plugin?

    If the first: Where did you put it?

  5. fnordware WebP.8bi and i stored it in P:AdobeAdobe Photoshop CS2ZusatzmoduleDateiformat

  6. Seltsam – da hatte ich es das letzte Mal auch hingelegt aber irgendwie funktionierte es da nicht, ich hatte aber auch nicht weiter nach den Ursachen geschaut da ich in Eile war und hatte es dann einfach unter CS5 installiert. Ich habe es jetzt noch einmal probiert und es klappt. Jetzt muss ich nicht mehr immer die große Kiste mit CS5 anwerfen, wenn ich ein WebP bearbeiten will.

    Danke für die Rückmeldung 🙂

    (Confirmed. It works in the German PS CS2 version if put into the above mentioned folder.)

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