View out of my Window

This was the first view I saw when I looked out of the window this morning: The first snow.

(OK, not really the first view – but it was still dark when I started my day, so I waited a bit) 

I wonder why the oaks (middle and right tree) still have their leaves – several nights during the last week the temperature went down to -10°C/14°F/263K

4 replies on “View out of my Window”

  1. It’s beautiful (although I wouldn’t want to have to shovel the driveway). 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get some for Christmas but I suspect that won’t be the case.

  2. We plan to go up to the Lake Tahoe for skiing this year.
    If we are lucky, we may enjoy White Xmas in California!

  3. @James:
    No need to shovel, it started to melt as soon as the fog lifted and right now the temperature is at 8°C (47°F) and rising. 🙂
    The climate 30 km (19 miles) beeline northeast is quite different to ours. There is a skiing area with loads of snow every winter because the average elevation above sea level is about 500m (550 yard) higher than here.

    The Lake Tahoe area is nice. I cross my fingers that you will get all the snow you want for Xmas 🙂

  4. No snow for us here on the coast. I’ve been here since 99 and you can count on one hand the number of times it has snowed. The ocean currents moderate the temperatures so that snow seldom falls. Growing up in Eastern Canada, I sort of miss the snow (although I don’t miss the shoveling of it… LOL).

    Your picture would make a great wallpaper. Very peaceful and beautiful as well.

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