This is frustrating (small things matter)

134 lines of code, 4 normal functions, 20 calls to chrome.something APIs, some of them nested, 0 const, 0 let, 0 var, 0 ESLint errors, 0 Vivaldi debugger errors.

5h wasted with refactoring and debugging because I wanted to make it run, but it didn’t want to work as I wanted and I thought I am an idiot – until I cross checked in naked Chromium.

Result: I am not an idiot.

There are at least 4 BUGS in Vivaldi’s implementation of multiple browser windows, extensions buttons and history display handling.

This is no fun.

2 replies on “This is frustrating (small things matter)”

  1. This is the bad experience extension developers like us get with Vivaldi having such undocumented, incompatible API (oh, i forgot Vivaldi hasn’t any own API yet).

    1. yeah – most of the 4 bugs were fixed in the meantime, but that is not the point.
      There is no developer relations, no point where we can ask (provided not every developer is a “Soprano”) which APIs are integrated and in which state (full, partial, changed in behavior, not supported). They change them or integrate some of them and don’t touch others, but there is _no public documentation_

      … but well, there is no Vivaldi store too, so I test in chromium and when it breaks in Vivaldi it is “Not My Fault(TM)”. I file a bug report and be done with it.

      … and I’d really want to share some of my clean, no spyware, no phoning home, no malware, offline capable (most of them) and auto discarding when not in use extensions – but without having to support Google.

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