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A lightweight extension for Vivaldi to delete all browser data in the time between two button clicks. It does not replace private windows but is a nice alternative if you e.g. don’t want to log out from a website but leave no traces of the time between the clicks on your computer.
You can download it below, but please read this post before you download and install it, because it can and will delete data and there is no undo.


  • Everything you did in the tab opened by the extension on the first click will be ERASED
  • Everything you did in ALL tabs SINCE the first button click will be ERASED.
  • Browser data that was stored BEFORE the first click will NOT be deleted.
  • Passwords you have stored during the time the extension was active will NOT be deleted.
  • Content from protectedWeb pages will NOT be deleted
    (learn more about protectedWeb pages)
  • The tab that opens automatically on the first click will be closed on the second click. Only that tab.
  • There will be an annoying tab that opens on first install install which explains this again.

Everything means all new entries in:

  • appcache
  • cache
  • cookies
  • downloads
  • fileSystems
  • formData
  • history
  • indexedDB
  • localStorage
  • serverBoundCertificates
  • pluginData
  • serviceWorkers
  • webSQL

ERASED means: No undo.

If you decide against deletion: Just don’t press the button but restart the browser. The extension resets itself with every restart. Alternatively you can Ctrl(Command on Mac)+Shift+9 to cancel, but that is buggy. Refer to the known issues in the “first install” tab of the extension.


If you think this extension fits to your workflow and if you can live with the caveats, download and save it to your drive where you can find it again.

File info:

To install you need to:

  • Download it it “save as” to avoid the ‘CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING’ warning
  • Verify the checksum
  • Unzip it
  • (optionally rename to .zip if your unzipper doesn’t recognize .crx as .zip)
  • Look into the source to see that it is clean (optional, but recommended)
  • Open vivaldi://extensions and switch to developer mode
  • Click the “load unpacked” button
  • Navigate to the folder where you have unzipped it
  • Click “OK”


  • Open vivaldi://extensions and switch to developer mode
  • Download it it “save as” to avoid the ‘CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING’ warning
  • Verify the checksum
  • drag’n’drop the file to the window (not recommended, because it is too easy to install malicious stuff this way, see disclaimer.)


If you find one you can keep it 😉 Nah, post them in the comments below and I’ll try to fix them (or ask someone who can help me fixing them)

The same goes for feature requests. If you are a good JavaScripter and know how to improve the extension: I take the code 😀

The comments are moderated, no thanks to some spammers, but I check them (almost) every day. No need to write them again, if you don’t see them immediately.

Known Bugs

  • VB-46562 – Vivaldi History does not refresh immediately on external changes by extensions
    This is valid only for the the display. The data is actually gone as you can see as soon as you open another web page. No fault of this extension.
  • VB-46883 – Vivaldi://history does not change immediately on changes in chrome://history
    The same reason as above
    You will not see the changes in vivaldi://history before you restart the browser, or before new entries enter the history and you close and open the history manager or panel again.
    If you add chrome://history as web panel, you can see that the data is deleted immediately. Click on the “Home” button in the panel to refresh the panel if you want to check it before deleting. No fault of this extension.
  • VB-46855 – Extension icon state does not propagate between windows. fixed
    If you are using Vivaldi make sure to always use the button or shortcut in the same window.
  • VB-14668 – Extensions’ keyboard shortcuts don’t work
    VB-33522 – Keyboard shortcuts for extensions don’t work for “In Vivaldi” scope
    In Vivaldi the keyboard shortcut to cancel the deletion of all your data needs to be set to global scope.
    This means: OS wide.
    This is not recommended because it can clash with regular shortcuts of your operating system.
    No fault of this extension.


I am no experienced coder and you have now be warned about it, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Other than that: I tried to check for all cases and linted the code, but I can not guarantee that it e.g. doesn’t clash with other extensions or work as expected with the browser, doesn’t delete all data on your drive or even work at all on your machine.

PS: I totally forgot to

  • put malware into the extension
  • put a coin miner into the extension
  • rewrite all links to amazon and ebay to affiliate links
  • connect to external servers to pull other stuff in later
  • do any logging of any kind
  • do other nasty stuff that I have seen several times while checking extensions from the chrome web store

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  1. I think I found a “bug”. When clicking on the button the private tab is created. I visit a site and have the history tab open to see the entries. I navigate to different sites and click the button again to trigger the Forget – but the history items don’t disappear. Only when I click the button again (which opens a new private tab is the history actually being erased and I see it disappear from panel. Same goes for tabs/sites/history entries navigated after the private tab has been activated.

    1. Yes, known and nothing I can do about, those are Vivaldi bugs.
      (well, I could open a new tab and immediately close it – but really … I don’t want to do that)

      I’ve added the “known bugs” section of the extension here too now 🙂


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